Key Web Sites for the Blind and Visually Impaired

 Alliance on Aging and Vision Loss - Strives to help adults experiencing vision loss - New!

Americans with Disabilities Act - ADA Homepage

American Academy of Ophthamology - Good information & Literture, San Francisco-Based, 415-561-8500

American Council of the Blind - Membership Organization, Helpful, 1-800-424-8666

American Foundation for the Blind - Has Helen Keller Archives, 1-800-232-5463

American Optometric Association - Excellent for General Information, 314-991-4100

American Printing House for the Blind - Excellent Catalog, Working on a Database of Tips and Tricks 1-800-223-1839

Archives of Ophthamology - Try Your Knowledge on Their Quiz

 Association for Eduction and Rehab of the Blind and Visually Impaired - Professionals in the Field

Association on Higher Education and Disability - Excellent for Resources and Programs 704-947-7779 New!

Audio Internet Readying Service - Provides Podcasts of News, Information and Entertainment

Blind Information Technology Specialists - Promotes the Use of Computer Technology by Blind Persons

Blindness Resource Center - Voice Nation Live

Independent Visually Impaired Entrepeneurs  - Contact Ardis Bazyn, President Burbank, CA   (818) 238-9321 or (818) 209-8684

Blind Veterans Association - Blind Vets and Families 1-800-669-7079

Braille Institute of America - Offers Courses and Job Search Skills 1-800-272-4553

Council of Citizens with Low Vision International - 1-800-733-2258

Disability Resources on the Internet - Another Excellent Resource New!

Disability Rights Advocates - Negotiates and Litigates on Behalf of the Disabled

Discovery Eye Foundation - Lists Organiztions by Regions of the U.S.

Dog Massage - Blind, Animal Massage Therapist - 650-322-4255

Foundation Fighting Blindness - Specializing in Retinal Problems,1-888-394-3937

Glaucoma Foundation - Support Network, Eye Donor Program, 1-800-452-8266

Glaucoma Research Foundation - Funds Glaucoma Research, 1-800-826-6693

Government Clinical Trials - 140 Eye Conditions New!

Guide for Visual Disabilities - How Colleges Help Visually Impaired Students Succeed New!

Hadley School for the Blind - Offerss 90 free courses, off site 700 Elm Street, Winnetka, IL 60093 847-446-8111

IBM Special Needs Systems - Has Talking Web Browser, 1-800-426-7630

Intl. Soc. for Low Vision Research and Rehabilitation -

JAWS - for Windows Screen Reader Software

JBI Interntional - Large Print and Cassettes, 1-800-433-1531

Jewish Guild for the Blind - Client Oriented, 212-769-6200

Jewish Heritage for the Blind - Large Print Publisher, 1-800-995-1888

Lighthouse International - Vision Rehabilitation Services, Education, Research and Advocacy, 1-800-829-0500

Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind- Excellent Listings, 80 Eighth Avenue, Room 1304, New York, NY 10011 212-242-0263 (voice); 212-633-1601 (fax)

National Braille Press - Has a Directory of Adaptive Technology Trainers 800-548-7323

National Center on Accessibility - Access information to Parks, etc.,Center at Indiana University, 765-349-9240

National Eye Institute - Comprehensive Information on All Eye Problems, 301-496-5248

National Federation of the Blind - Largest Membership Organization of the Blind in the U.S. (410) 659-9314

National Federation of the Blind in Computer Science - Good Information Resource, 1-800-638-7518 (temporarily offline)

National Library Service for the Blind & Physically Handicapped The Library of Congress, 1-800-424-9100

NYISE Blindness Resource Center - Excellent Resource 718-519-7000

Prevent Blindness.America - Service Programs, 1-800-331-2020

San Mateo Council of the Blind - Chapter of the ACB, 650-349-6946

SERI - Schepens Eye Research Institute

W3C - Web Accessibility Initiatiave

San Mateo Council of the Blind

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